Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Loving Gluten-Free

Five years ago, I came across a Naturopath who started me on a road to life with a lot less pain. I'd been monitored by an internist for about 15 years and he was still scratching his head over my symptoms: swollen painful knees, rashes, bloating, gas, etc. I didn't get it. I ate healthy foods and exercised every day, yet I was a wreck!
The internist's take was this: knees-arthritis from an overactive immune system, rashes-?, bloating, gas-something I ate (but what?!) He couldn't give me any definitive answers. I tried the usual NASIDS without much relief. Enter the naturopath. . .
I went through the allergy testing and came up with an amazing number of foods that my body didn't like. . . foods with gluten, foods with casein, shell-fish, corn, in fact my naturopath recommended I eat an alkaline diet. Google that one for more info. It has made an incredible difference in my life. I am not pain free but I am still able to continue with my athletic lifestyle and enjoy it a lot more. Now I'm finding that there are millions out there just like me. If you are gluten-free and would like to share your experiences and especially any recipes or resources, I would love to share.

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