Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On The Road With Food Allergies

I just returned from a vacation to Reno/SLC/Denver. The good news is, although we ate out at many wonderful restaurants, I did not gain weight. The bad new is, at times I wondered what was safe to eat? Traveling gluten-free does present it's dilemmas. The first rule of thumb is bring some safe snacks. The second rule of thumb is don't be afraid to ask. Talk to the chef if you need to. Talking "softly" works better than demanding what is in a particular dish. (I hate to be a pain, but these questions are important to my health. . ."vs."I need to know what is in this dish!) Buffets present a wide variety of choices but ask about questionable dishes. Beware of sauces!

Try traveling with this list of allergies: gluten, caisin (dairy), corn, and shellfish.
I did find some fabulous foods. In Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort, a vegan fritata topped my list. In Denver, the sushi at the Blue Moon was innovative and exquisite! The people at both places were helpful with my questions and didn't make me feel like I was annoying them.

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confessionalista said...

You are so right about taking a quiet approach. My mother ( also celiac ) is gobsmacked by how much information I am able to elicit this way...She doesn't see that the difference in responses in mostly determined by our varying style of communication.